Vizio XRT112 LCD LED Smart TV Remote Control with iHeart Radio App

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VIZIO TV XRT11200111203000 XRT112:00111203000 Remote Control

Originally supplied with HDTV models:

E320iA2, E320iA0, E420iA1, M650VSE, E370VP, E320VT, E370VT, E420VT, E422VLE, M370SL, E322AR, E422AR, E502AR, E420VP, E420DA0, E420IA0, E550IA0, E320I-A0, E320I-A2, E401I-A2, E420D-A0, E420I-A0, E420I-A1, E500I-A1, E420I, E390iA1, E390i-A1, E231i-B1, E390i-B1, E280i-B1, E280i-A1, E241i-B1, E320i-B1, E500i-B1, E500i-B1E, E291i-A1, E241i-A1, E551i-A2, E480i-B2, E550i-B2, E400i-B2, E700i-B3, E600i-B3, E700iB3, E600iB3, E650i-B2, E650iB2, E550i-B2E, E550iB2E, E241I-A1, E291I-A1, E320I-A0, E320I-A2, E401I-A2, E420D-A0, E420I-A0, E420I-A1, E420I-B0, E470I-A0, E500D-A0, E500I-A0, E500I-A1, E502-AR, E550I-A0, E601IA-3E, E390i-B1E

Compatible with HDTV models: 401ia3, 401i-a3, E231i-B1, E241i-A1, E241i-B1, E280i-A1, E280i-B1, E291i-A1, E320i-B1, E320VT, E321ME, E321MV, E322AR, E322MV, E370VP, E370VT, E390i-A1, E390i-B1, E401ia3, E401i-a3, E420I-A1, E420VP, E420VT, E422AR, E422VLE, E472VLE, E500I-A1, E500i-B1, E500i-B1E, E522VLE, E552VLE, M320SL, M321i-A2, M370SL, M370SR, M401i-A3, M420SR, M471i-A2, M501D, M501DA2, M501D-A2, M501dA2R, M501d-A2R, M501i-A2, M551dA2, M551d-A2, M551dA2R, M551d-A2R, M551DAR2, M551D-AR2, M601DA3, M601d-A3, M651dA2, M651d-A2, M651D-A2R, M701DA3, M701d-A3, M801DA3, M801d-A3



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