LG NEW AKB73975711 Remote Control for LG TV 32LB520B 32LB520BUB 49LB5500 60LB5900

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42LB5550 47LB5900 49LB5550 55LB5900 32LB560B
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US NEW AKB73975711 REMOTE CONTROL Replacement work for LG LED HDTV Television
No need to program or pair it, just install 2 new AAA alkaline batteries in correct direction, then it can work well.
US seller, fast shipping!
Compatible with following LG TVs Model:
22LY340C 29LY340C 32LB520B 32LB520BUB 32LB520B-UB 32LB550B 32LB550BUC
32LB550B-UC 32LB5600 32LB5600UH 32LB5600-UH 32LB560B 32LB560BUH 32LB560B-UH
32LF500B 32LF500BUA 32LF500B-UA 32LY340C 32LY340CUA 32LY340C-UA 32LY340H
32LY340HUA 32LY340H-UA 39LB5600 39LB5600UH 39LB5600-UH 39LY340C 39LY340H
39LY340HUA 39LY340H-UA 42LB5500 42LB5500UC 42LB5500-UC 42LB5550 42LB5550UC
42LB5550-UC 42LB5600 42LB5600UH 42LB5600-UH 42LB5600UZ 42LB5600-UZ 42LY340C
42LY340CUA 42LY340C-UA 42LY340H 42LY340HUA 42LY340H-UA 42LY540S 42LY540SUA
42LY540S-UA 47LB5900 47LB5900UV 47LB5900-UV 47LB6000 47LB6000UH 47LB6000-UH
47LY340C 47LY340CUA 47LY340C-UA 47LY340H 47LY340HUA 47LY340H-UA 47LY540S
49LB5500 49LB5500UC 49LB5500-UC 49LB5500UY 49LB5500-UY 49LB5550 49LB5550UC
49LB5550-UC 49LB5550UY 49LB5550-UY 50LB5900 50LB5900UV 50LB5900-UV 50LB6000
50LB6000UH 50LB6000-UH 55LB5500 55LB5500UC 55LB5500-UC 55LB5550 55LB5550UC
55LB5550-UC 55LB5900 55LB5900UV 55LB5900-UV 55LB6000 55LB6000UH 55LB6000-UH
55LY340C 55LY340CUA 55LY340C-UA 55LY340H 55LY340HUA 55LY340H-UA 55LY540S
60LB2500 60LB5200 60LB5200UA 60LB5200-UA 60LB5900 60LB5900UV 60LB5900-UV 60LB6000
60LB6000UH 60LB6000-UH 60LY340C 60LY340CUA 60LY340C-UA 65LB5200 65LB5200UA
65LB5200-UA 65LY340C 65LY340CUA 65LY340C-UA 65LY540S COV32807701
Package Content: 1 x IR Remote Control (batteries and user manual not included)

30 Days